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Excavation and Land Clearing

Commercial and Environmental ConsultationScotty Tree & Arborist has 13 years of experience in residential and commercial excavation. Our prices are competitive and reasonable for all budget types. Our removal and demolition jobs are completed following all necessary hazardous material removal and disposal regulations.

  •  Preparing Development Reports and Writing Proposals 
  • Hazard Tree Assessment
  • Property Assessment
  • Book an arborist consultation to have your property and trees assessed

commercial tree servicesExcavation and Land Clearing

Land clearing serves many purposes and includes tree, stump, brush, root and rock removal. Some of the most common reasons for land clearing are:

• New Building Development

• Creating A Pasture

• Clearing Space For A Garden

• New Roadways

• Power Line Utility Trenching

• Pipe Line Clearing

• Fence Line Installation

• Ditch Or Drainage Clearing,

• Firebreak Protection Clearing

• Under Brush Clearing


Land Clearing Services:

If you’re a business executive who needs their lot cleared to make room for new development or a residence owner who wants their trees and shrubs maintained, we can provide the following land clearing services:


• Tree Removal

• Stump Grinding/Removal

• Debris Hauling

• Log Hauling

• Backfilling

• Selective Logging

Book a consultation to have your property and trees assessed by an ISA certified arborist.

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