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Tree Pruning, Trimming and Shaping

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We bring a professional and knowledgeable approach to assisting you with planning and enhancing your landscaping through pruning and shaping. Contact our professional arborists in Victoria today at (250) 220-9298,

We bring a professional and knowledgable approach to assisting you with planning and enhancing your landscaping through pruning and shaping. Contact our professional arborists in Victoria today.

Trees need to be cared for in order to maintain their looks. Pruning and trimming your trees routinely not only add to their appearance, but helps them to stay healthy and live longer. Our tree arborists will work with you to develop the best trimming and pruning plan to acheive both an aesthetically pleaseing look and to prevent future problems.

Proactively pruning and shaping your trees can help you increase the enjoyment you get from your trees as well as reduce the risk that you will have a danger tree to deal with.

Tree Trimming & Tree Thinning

Tree trimming and pruning are vital to the life span and health of a tree, as the techniques remove the excess growth that accumulates every year. Regular trimmings help to improve the form of the tree and reduce the weight, which can become dangerous during heavy storms and other inclement weather.


Here are the different types of trimming techniques that we use:

Tree Thinning / Spiral Pruning

The benefits of tree thinning include maintaining and regulating the thickness of trees with regular trimmings, which consist of removing branches from the edges and center. In this way, dead wood and cross branches are trimmed as well, making for a more preserved appearance. This process also allows for an overall improved line-of-sight view and room for air to pass through the tree’s branches.

Crown Reduction Pruning:

Necessary for ensuring the regulated size of trees in residential and public areas, this method is used when a tree is overgrown and has become too large to occupy it’s acceptable space. The method consists of removing the top 8-10 feet of the tree so that it stays within the size limits for the area. Trees also look healthier when they are maintained in this way.

Canopy Raising:

The process of canopy raising occurs mostly in highly populated metropolitan areas. When low branches of trees protrude and begin to obstruct the view near homes, traffic and businesses, it can become a hazard to anyone driving, walking or working in the area. During the canopy raising technique, lower branches are removed in a way that doesn’t alter the veracity or health of the tree and so that vision near the area is no longer impaired.

Hedge Trimming:

Hedges and shrubbery that are neat and well sculpted can boost your property’s value. We offer expert trimming and pruning services for all types and sizes of shrubbery and hedges.

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