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Commercial and Environmental Consultation

Permit applications for development construction design.

We work with home owners, contractors, property managers, and municipal agencies to assess and plan: development, determine level of risk, and scope of work to gain appropriate permissions and undertake tree service work to remediate and protect your tree assets.

  • Development Plans
  • Tree and Property Assessment
  • Excavation and Land Clearing
  • Tree Risk Assessment (Hazard Tree Assessment)
  • Tree Permit Applications
  • Specifications, Bylaws, Policies Valuation
  • Land Use Planning
  • Tree Retention Guidance
arborist climbing a tree to inspect it
Consulting Arborist Services

Book a consultation to have your property and trees assessed by an ISA certified arborist.

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The Majestic Noble Fir: A Standout in the Pacific Northwest Landscape

Explore the world of the Noble Fir, a symbol of the Pacific Northwest’s forest heritage. Its dense foliage provides shelter for wildlife, while its strong wood has been prized for centuries in construction and papermaking. During the festive season, it takes center stage as a beloved Christmas tree, bringing joy and cheer to homes across the region.

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