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Scotty Tree Arborist Reports

Arborist reports and tree assessment done by Scotty Tree & Arborist Services in Victoria B.C

Arborist reports are a critical part of any tree care plan.

An arborist report is a formal document that outlines the tree inventory, tree health and the implications of the trees on or around a property. These are typically required when applying for tree removal permits, development or exterior renovation projects. Our fully certified consulting arborist knows the municipal offices, municipal bylaws and local contractors, ensuring an informed, transparent and collaborative approach to tree management and tree protection plans (TPP). 

Note: You may not require a formal report, as we encourage clients to participate in the property survey, allowing you to decide the best course of action.

Specific Requirements for an Arborist Report

  • Tree removal permit for a hazard tree(s): even if a tree is an obvious hazard, it may require a municipal removal permit depending on the tree diameter and species
  • Development plan for a renovation or building permit: our consulting arborist / project arborist has specialized and considerable experience with development projects and permits
  • Tree valuations: for determination of tree financial value
  • Insurance evaluations: for insurance damage claim and risk analysis
  • Tree mediation: for detailing tree security and preservation measures
  • Tree replacement evaluation: when required or desired by owner

A professional Arborist Report can Include:

  • Tree species and dimensions: a tree inventory, including diameter, height and crown size 
  • Tree health: age, damage, tree vitality
  • Tree risk analysis: for hazard tree reports outlining tree risk to people or property
  • Site plan: a detailed visual map of the trees on a property in relation to property limits and infrastructure
  • Photo evidence: highlighting specific areas of concern 
  • Recommendations: detailed professional advice and suggestions for the owner or contractor

Scotty Tree & Arborist Services believes in truthful reporting while balancing the needs of property owners, safety of people and property, and the preservation of the tree ecosystem on a property.


Arborist Report FAQ's

 An arborist report is a comprehensive document detailing tree inventory, health, and implications for properties. It’s essential for tree removal permits, development projects, and renovations. Our certified arborists provide informed insights adhering to local bylaws and contractors

The cost of an arborist report varies based on the scope of the project, the number of trees, and specific requirements. Contact us for a tailored estimate based on your unique needs.

Our tree assessments include a detailed inventory of tree species and dimensions, health evaluation, risk analysis, visual site plans, photo evidence, and professional recommendations.

Most municipalities require a removal permit for hazard trees, depending on the tree’s diameter and species. Our team can guide you through this process, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Yes, our arborist reports can assist in insurance evaluations for damage claims and risk analysis, providing critical evidence and professional assessments.

Tree valuations determine the financial value of your trees, which is crucial for development plans, insurance purposes, and understanding the asset value of your property.

Only certified and experienced arborists or tree consultants are qualified to prepare arboricultural reports. They have the expertise to evaluate trees accurately and provide reliable recommendations.

An arboricultural report typically includes:

  • Tree identification (species, age, size)
  • Health and condition assessment
  • Structural integrity evaluation
  • Risk assessment (potential hazards)
  • Recommendations for tree care, maintenance, or removal
  • Photographs and diagrams
  • Legal and planning considerations (if applicable)

An arboricultural report is often required during the planning stages of development projects to assess the impact on existing trees and ensure compliance with local regulations. It helps in obtaining planning permissions and ensuring the protection of significant trees.

Yes, arboricultural reports can be used as evidence in legal disputes related to tree ownership, damage, or liability. They provide an objective assessment of tree health and risks, which can be crucial in resolving conflicts.

    • Recommendations in an arboricultural report may include:
      • Pruning or trimming
      • Tree removal (if hazardous)
      • Tree health treatments (fertilization, pest control)
      • Planting new trees
      • Installing supports or barriers
      • Regular monitoring and maintenance

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