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FREE Introduction To Tree Pruning Service – 4 Part Online Course

Basic Tree Service and Pruning

A four-part self-study guide outlining how to prune a tree:

Tree identification and tree
Different species of trees can have unique characteristics. If you don’t know what tree it is and how it grows, your pruning may kill it. Get Part 1 (8 pages).


What to consider when pruning a conifer tree.

If you don’t know what a conifer is, then you need to read part 1. Get Part 2 (5 pages).


What to consider when pruning a deciduous tree.
If you don’t know what a deciduous tree is, then you need to read part 1. Get Part 3 (4 pages).


Tree Cutting Permits, Tools, Safety, and Pruning Cuts.
Topics include: tree cutting permits, what tools you need for pruning, the need for safety, basic pruning cuts and care of your tools after pruning. Get Part 4 (10 pages).


Scotty Tree Service is offering This free e-book series of “How To” booklets in PDF format. These guides are short and to the point, but that also means they only include general information, not details on pruning a specific species of tree.

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The Majestic Noble Fir: A Standout in the Pacific Northwest Landscape

Explore the world of the Noble Fir, a symbol of the Pacific Northwest’s forest heritage. Its dense foliage provides shelter for wildlife, while its strong wood has been prized for centuries in construction and papermaking. During the festive season, it takes center stage as a beloved Christmas tree, bringing joy and cheer to homes across the region.

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